“Path to Prosperity”. The proposed conservative budget supported by Mitt Romney.

There is a ton of hoop-la about this “Ryan budget” that is being supported by presidential candidate Mitt Romney, so I decided to read it and see exactly what all the fuss was about. You can read it yourself here http://budget.house.gov/UploadedFiles/PathToProsperityFY2012.pdf  It is a conservative publishing so it is a little “biased”. While “Ryans” budget is full of flaws, it DOES offer some bright spots. I will start with the good. Many times you hear outcries of “They’re going to give such and such oil corporation a 4 trillion dollar tax break!!!!” Where I see the irony in this, I also see the other side of the spectrum. They “WOULD” get these tax breaks because of an across the board flat corporate tax break, why is this good for America you might ask? Many of these companies that US citizens complain about every day about outsourcing all their jobs, do so because they simply CANNOT afford to keep their companies working in the US.  Our corporate tax is the HIGHEST in the WORLD! If we could give our home grown companies such tax breaks it would open up TONS of jobs in the US. It also could attract MANY over seas companies/corporations to possibly open up factories and locations in the US creating that many more jobs and that much more cash flow. Just because the 10% decrease in corporate tax would benefit oil companies more because of their ridiculous earnings does not mean that it is a bad thing for the US or that you would have to feel bad supporting it.  It would benefit ALL corporations in the US.  With that said though there was NO mention of keeping the pressure off of lower and middle class with this loss of incoming tax payments this would cause. I also like that they plan to cut out alot of spending to double dipping organizations that have been plaguing our economy for quite some time and also reducing personal government spending.

The Bad. THERE IS NOT ONE THING ABOUT EDUCATION! IT IS NOT EVEN SHOWN IN GRAPHS! WAKE UP! EDUCATION IS OUR FUTURE! I was astounded to not find ONE thing referring to education. There is still WAY to much of our GDP going into defense. There is still WAY to much of our GDP going into PENSIONS (most of which goes to retirees and retirees families of senators, congressman and presidents). Their salaries and pensions need to be reduced.  There was no mention of what to do with the Federal Reserve/Central banking regulations. Their projections of the “future” are pure fantasy in regards to the current democratic plan and are completely blown out of proportion. I am not even going to comment on the 2 health care plans because it is all SPECULATORY. NO one knows what will become of Obamas or Ryans health care plans or how it will effect the current employment/cost/economic situation. I will say this though, if Ryan thinks that giving ALL retirees the type of medicare that congressman get is a good idea…we will surely be broke sooner than later unless he plans on sticking the retirees with the cost of the medicare.

In the end, the Ryan Budget obviously takes aim at 3 major issues that seem to always come up around election time, health care, taxes and spending. Its almost as if they said we don’t need to worry about education, government wage reform, regulations or anything else for that matter.  I wish I could see the 2 political parties working together for a COMMON goal. BOTH budgets have their positives and negatives. Infact, if you meshed certain things from each side it would be a brilliant budget with a bright future. But this IS america and god forbid if Democrats and Republicans work together toward OUR future.  Of course its politics as usual but I myself am tired of that “norm”. Gl America and be careful what you wish for.


2 thoughts on ““Path to Prosperity”. The proposed conservative budget supported by Mitt Romney.

  1. Do you really think the federal government should have a major role in education? Why send the money to DC before it can come back to our schools (minus the cost of overhead and bureaucracy). Education is and should be a local issue. The beginning of the decline in our education system coincides almost perfectly with the formation of the Department of Education. And even if we assume the federal Department of Education hasn’t caused the decline, we can also say that it hasn’t stopped it either. Mostly it has allowed education to become yet another social policy cudgel that liberals can use to berate conservatives.

    • I will start with, “education is used as a social policy cudgel that “liberals” use to berate conservatives.” There are no such “cudgels” that I can find on anything referring to liberals trying to berate conservatives over education policy this year. Infact, if anyone can do the cudgeling this year it would BE the conservatives. Education has gone to hell in a hand basket under the Obama administration, locally and nationally. As far as your comment “Education is and should be a local issue” I have to disagree completely. Education is the foundation of a COUNTRY, let alone a city and or town. It should not be strictly local policy due to the fact that certain towns and cities in this country are completely under funded and under educated while a few others are way over funded and strive. There needs to be a nationwide initiative to address these local educational woes that face these broken down towns and cities. As far as there being a decline in the education system since the dawn of the department of education, your country is only as good as those you vote in, locally and nationally. Clean house, get someone that’s capable of handling a nationwide initiative on education. When your country ranks near the bottom in Math, Science, Physics and Technology in the world, it is time to take action. I don’t care if they have to completely clean out the whole department, rewrite the policy and start from scratch. Something has to be done yet NO one is talking about it.

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