America is trying to add more sanctions to “Iran” bill.

As if the initial sanctions on Iran through the Johnson-Shelby bill were not conflict oriented enough, some senate leaders are trying to push for even more sanctions.  I question why we are even pursuing Iran in this matter in the first place. Because they want to build nuclear facilities that harbor weapons of mass destruction?  The country of Iran is SURROUNDED by countries with nuclear weaponry. It is their RIGHT to build whatever weapons they deem necessary to protect themselves from possible threats, as the saying goes “to fight fire with fire.”.  The US deals with Pakistan in all kinds of aid and foreign policy even though it is DOCUMENTED that Pakistan has dealt NUCLEAR technology to N. Korea! Yet there are no sanctions on Pakistan. Do you think Iran need sanctions because of the way their government operates with its citizens? Let me inform you, there are no real complaints from Iranians. and in all honesty, it is none of our governments business. What is our governments business though, is OIL, that being our top export and money earner and all.

If you think that these newly added sanctions that call for punishment to countries that deal with Iran in regards to: (weapons, rubber bullets, tear gas, and other riot control equipment — as well as jamming, monitoring, and surveillance equipment) has anything to do with “protecting” Iranian citizens, you are sadly mistaken.  Our country has an ABUNDANCE of that equipment and makes quite good use of it. What?  Iran shouldnt have that right to protect government as well?  It’s not only their right but it is their duty to do as such. They are also trying to cut off their refined oil imports, not that they need that being the 5th ranked producer of OIL in the world.  These sanctions are simply a “bullying” tactic used by the US government to try to entice and engage in war. Do you think the US would sit idly by while a country tried to stop riot management supplies and oil from coming to our country? NO, they wouldn’t but I hope Iran does.  Ron says it best here

War is never the answer, it is only a result.  I believe in war but I also believe that it should be used as a last defense or in cases where “we have no other choice.” It should never be used as a strong-arm from congress to seize control of or “occupy” other countries. That’s not war, that’s invasion.  Unfortunately that is where we are heading with Iran and these sanctions make OUR governments motives that much more clear.  A good read.  Gl America, be careful what you wish for.


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