“Bounty Gate” the fallout with Gregg Williams Audio.

I understand that there are little nuances outside of what us fans get to see that make Football what it is. Wether it be superstitions, a cookout at a veterans house to form player morale or things such as players competing and betting for money. But if you are trying to end someones career over 10 grand, I find that despicable.  Many of the retired and current football players have said throughout “Bounty Gate”, this happens in every locker room in the NFL. and I couldn’t AGREE more, but  I don’t think they meant to this extent though.  A friendly competition to see who can knock the snot out of someone with a clean hit between the numbers and “aiming” for someone’s head and or leg are 2 totally different things and a few of the retired players “supporting” the Saints have  already stood against this as this is NOT the norm.

I will admit I was one of the “old school” NFL fans fighting against the penalties handed down to Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints organization. I will continue to hold my stance that this takes place in EVERY locker room in the NFL (as far as hitting someone so hard it takes them out of the game and you win a little pool), but I believe NO team (including the Saints) aims for specific areas on bodies like were described in the tape. I quote Gregg Williams on Michael Crabtree “See if he becomes human, when we ***** take out that outside ACL.” on Frank Gore “We need to decide, how many times we can beat Franks’ head.”  My argument has always been “there is NO proof that they were aiming specifically for body parts ” and let’s be honest…there still isn’t.  Even with the release of this tape I still have doubt that their intentions were to harm players.  There really is NO video that shows these actions were ever carried out, hence NO PLAYER SUSPENSIONS.  In the end, I still think it was somewhat just a “hype’em up speech” myself,  but you can do inspiring speeches without mentioning SPECIFIC injuries and areas. (see Ray Lewis) You can hear the full audio of Gregg Williams here. http://theusof.com/

At the end of the day, football is a very aggressive, competitive and violent sport.  It is simply nature that makes these players want to destroy each other out there. We are taught at a very young age to “go out and make his nose blow bubbles.” or “take his **** head off!” probably the most common phrase I heard growing up in football.  Listen to that for 15 years and it becomes 2nd nature.  I do actually hope that defenses in this league keep their competitive drives up and continue to make football the exciting hard-hitting game it is, but do it with honor and respect for the other players on the field, that’s someones son, husband, father, uncle or brother.


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