The Redskins Draft Grade.

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Robert Griffin III coming to the Redskins this past weekend was the fact that we had alot more needs than our franchise QB. While I am amongst the redskins faithful that are more than excited to welcome “RG3” I think alot of needs went over looked this draft. I am not even going to grade the First round..I am homer all the way here! A++++++


Third round. This was an area where I felt we were going to address our OT position. Let’s face it, Jammal Brown has been injured since he came to the Redskins and 2011 showed how shallow we were in the depth department. Let me be clear, when I use the word DEPTH I tend to mean somewhat talented back ups. The back ups we fielded last year after Jammal Browns’ injury and Trent Williams’ suspension were not talented in any sense of the word. We completely over looked Bobby Massie, the Junior out of Ole’ Miss who at the time was available, for a Guard by the name of LeRibeus out of SMU. Regardless of wether or not this guy “fits” our scheme he does not fit the work ethic that once was this franchises bright spot. To let yourself engulf to 380 during what is basically your future career tryout shows me the lack of dedication to not only yourself but your team. He was “sat” his junior year because of such, it is said for “academic reasons” but when a coach sees a guy that can barely move due to his weight….he sits him. With that said though this kid is comfortable in the ZBS and is very strong. Bobby Massie or Donald Stephenson could have easily been worked into our ZBS and would have been some talented “depth” guys for TW and JB. Brandon Taylor the SS out of LSU or one of those OT’s would have made this a grade A round but even with the acquistion of the extra pick in 7th ended up a C+.

4th round. This is where I thought we may look for that Guard/Center and a talented CB/SS. We completely lacked depth at both positions and as of right now I have NO idea who is playing SS for us this season. I like most was shocked initially to hear QB Kirk Cousins from Michigan State name called but I also immediately understood why they did it. I wrote last year about the blunders that Beck would bring to the Redskins but no one would listen. I am glad that Kirk will be filling Becks role on this team and I am excited to see what the future brings in return for us wether it be in a back up role or trade bait later. I personally would have liked to have seen Anotonio Allen from S. Car. and S Jerone McMillian from Maine they would have been stellar picks there. Our second 4th round pick is actually understandable and we got GREAT value. Keenan Robinson 6’3″ 242 OLB out of Texas is definitely our 2nd best pick in this draft. 85 tackles (8.5 for loss) and 6 PDs in 2011, he has the ability to play in space and cover tight ends WELL! I don’t know if they plan a move into the middle for this kid but that could definitely fill in some holes we have in the interior of our LB core that I had us filling in the 5th anyway. This round consisted of a strange but thought out pick as well as a great LB, have to give the Skins a B- here because of the lack of a TALENTED OT that is NEEDED at this point but did acquire another 6th. Great job on Keenan for sure.

Fifth and Sixth rounds. Fifth round I had us picking up a good zone LB or a good Center, we filled the LB in the fourth with a talented one so hail to that! We ended up with Adam Gettis a Guard out of Iowa. Gettis is kind of one of those more than meets the eye guys, he is actually a VERY good Center as well. Kirk Ferentz HC of Iowa used Gettis as center on his practice squad and even considered moving the little scrapper to Center. I actually liked this pick the second I heard it because we end up with more depth at G/C. First 6th round pick brought us Alfred Morris out of Florida Atlantic, another small RB to add to our squad but does have a knowledge of the zone scheme. (I guess Ganaway was off their radar even though he has soft hands and could have been our banger @ 3rd and shorts and Goal line situations) Second pick of the 6th finally brought us our Tackle Tom Compton out of S. Dakota! We actually got GREAT value for this kid @ pick #193, he can handle moving to the second and third levels of defenses and sustain good blocking form. He thrives at angles and makes pulling around the edge look like a day in the park. With the acquisition of the G/C combo of Gettis, T Compton and RB Depth (no Hightower in sight) this was another good round. Have to give them a C+ here.

Seventh Round. I am sorry but the last 2 picks were freak out picks and they made it clear by choosing 2 DBs. After a relatively good draft they almost managed to piss it away but I have watched Jordan Bernstine play ball and dude can ball. In 2011 he accounted for 99 tackles (44 solo) and had 3 tackles for a loss and a Sack. I like this kid @ SS LATER in all honesty and if I have faith in anyone working him in, it would be Raheem Morris. It will not be an immediate transition, he will have to earn his spot but I think he may contribute later on in his career. I give the 7th round a grade of D-. Reaching for straws and left our SS position wide open. (Brandon Taylor was RIGHT there lol)

Alot of fans are giving this draft an A++ simply because we got our “Franchise” QB but it is what was not done that I will take into account of this grade. We did manage to get depth at the LB position and GREAT depth at that. We ended up actually getting a good depth tackle at great value so Kudos there. We also ended up with 2 Guards to fight for spots on our team and one that can play Center. SS and CB depth is still horendous and we still don’t have a big bruising back (Ganaway was available when we got Morris) and I still have no idea who starts @ SS or Nickleback. Overall we got a GREAT QB prospect and a 2 Great values from LB Keenan and T Compton. We added “players” to the Oline and DB charts but I wouldn’t say they are depth players at this point. We hit on 2 of the 4 areas well so I have to give this draft an overall grade of B- and that is simply off the fact we got RG3…without him I would have given this draft a C-. Good job overall Redskins, quite excited to see what we are capable of this year.


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